Clint McCullough (1) Mark Lund (1)

  1. MiWER

Understanding Coal Pit Lake Resources within the Collie Basin Project

Funding: Department of Water (Western Australia) and Australian Government’s “Water for the Future” initiative

Project Details

This project consisted of five subprojects

  1. Developing an inventory of pit lakes’ data including history, storage, hydrology,
    water quality, water source and ecology and preparing a summary report that
    includes a preliminary assessment of end-use options for each pit lake and
    highlights gaps in existing data sets Read More
  2. An assessment of the current effects of pit lakes on human health Read More
  3. Development of a monitoring strategy for pit lakes and connected waters with
    special attention to those of the Collie Lakes District Read More
  4. Production of a report outlining conceptual models of Environmental risk
    assessment, ecological limitations and health and grouping Collie pit lakes with
    regard to their geo-hydrology Read More
  5. Geochemical modelling of water chemistry within pit lakes under different
    management scenarios to support management decisions Read More

The project was undertaken from March 2009 to May 2010.

Lake Kepwari