Yuden (Masters), Michael Roberts (Honours), Pao (Ph.D.) and Sunitha Pasanuri (Ph.D.) in Victoria following the Australian Society for Limnology Congress in Warrnambool

  • Marie Short (2007) The value of oil mallee plantations and revegetated farm land in the southern wheatbelt region of Western Australia for the conservation of the western pygmy possum (Cercartetus concinnus). Supervisors: Eddie van Etten & Mark Lund
  • Michelle Cumbers (2004) Improving nutrient management at Lake Joondalup, Western Australia, through identification of key sources and current trajectories. Supervisors: Mark Lund Abstract
  • Jennifer Jackson (2003) Fox control in urban conservation reserves: An analysis of bait uptake and public perceptions in the Perth metropolitan area. Supervisors: Dorian Moro & Mark Lund
  • Vanessa Wong (2003) – University of Western Australia. Vanessa is examining the importance of metaphyton for nutrient biogeochemistry in Lake Joondalup.
  • Michael Roberts (2003) Investigation into the population dynamics and key life history characteristics of non-biting midge (Diptera: Chironomidae) which can be utilised to improve nuisance control at Lake Joondalup, Western Australia. Supervisor: Mark Lund
  • Kirsty Suffell (2002)  Improving management of nuisance midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) in Perth (Western Australia) wetlands based on their responses to temperature and sediment type. Supervisor: Mark Lund
  • Kirsty Quinlan (2000/2001) Using habitat characteristics and predictive GIS modelling to aid in conserving the Heath Mouse (Pseudomys shortridgei) in Lake Magenta Nature Reserve. Supervisors: Dorian Moro & Mark Lund Abstract
  • Kelli O’Neill (2000) Detecting the cause of acidification at a seasonal wetland on the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia, through laboratory and field mesocosm experiments. Supervisors: Pierre Horwitz & Mark Lund Abstract
  • Stuart Hawkins (1999/2000) Biofilm composition and function in stormwater constructed wetland systems on the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia. Supervisors: Mark Lund Abstract
  • Scott Ranford (1998) – Murdoch University. Assessment of water quality in the Ord River irrigation area. Abstract
  • Natalie Reeves (1996) Rehabilitation of a salt affected wetland. Supervisor: Mark Lund Abstract
  • Keith Breheny (1996) Introduced Cyprinid (Carp) fishes in Western Australia and their management implications. Supervisor: Mark LundAbstractThesis

Postgraduate Diploma
  • Kim Richardson Supervisors: Pierre Horwitz & Mark Lund
  • Sie Jung Ong Supervisor: Mark Lund
  • Christie Atkinson Supervisor: Mark Lund
  • Shannon Clohessy Supervisor: Mark Lund

Neill Somesan (Masters), Xanti Larranaga (Postdoc), Mark Lund, Naresh Kumar (Postdoc), C.D. McCullough (Research fellow), Dave Galeotti (Masters) from left in Cape Town, South Africa for the International Society for Limnology Conference (SIL).

  • Kerry Staples (2014-2016) Evaluation of a mosquito control program and development of best practice protocols by the Shire of Kalamunda. Master of Public Health. Supervisors: Jacques Oosthuizen & Mark Lund
  • David Galeotti (2008-2013) Metapopulations of the Black-stripe minnow, an endemic Galaxiidae fish in the southwest of WA, conservation and habitat preferences. Supervisors: Mark Lund & C.D. McCullough
  • Sandra Hall (2001-2007) The contribution of heavy industry and commercial activity at Canning Vale to the loads of nitrogen and phosphorus released in the Bannister Creek catchment area. Supervisor: Mark Lund
  • Robyn Philimore (1999-2001) The reproductive biology and temporal distribution of a Great Egret and Nankeen Night Heron Colony at the Perth Zoo. Supervisor: Mark Lund & Harry Recher Abstract
  • Scott Thompson (1998-2000) Managing the acidity of abandoned water-filled coal mining voids in Collie (Western Australia) using organic matter. Supervisor: Mark Lund Thesis

Fatien Macdonald (Ph.D.) presenting at the International Mine Water Association Congress in Xuzhou, China – She won the best Student Presentation Award

  • Colm Harkin (2018-) Closure of mine pit lakes. Supervisors: Mark Lund
  • Fatien Macdonald (2012-2016) Impact of artisanal small-scale gold mining on tropic river ecology. Supervisors: Mark Lund & Eddie van Etten (formerly C.D. McCullough and Melanie Blanchette). 
  • Alexander Watson (2000-2006) *Does Jarrah forest recover old-growth attributes in one rotation of selective logging? Supervisors: Harry Recher & Mark Lund
  • Bea Sommer (2001-2007) *Drying and re-wetting of organic wetland sediments: Biogeochemistry and implications for wetland management. Supervisor: Pierre Horwitz & Mark Lund
  • Surasithe (Pao) Kwanboonbumpen (1999-2007)* Sources of nitrogen and phosphorus in stormwater drainage from established residential areas and options for improved management Supervisor: Mark Lund