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In 2018, Mark supervised the following projects:

  1. An assessment of nutrient removal by floating islands in Lake Goollelal.
  2. Measuring the rate of emergence of nuisance midges (Chironomidae) from Lake Goollelal.
  3. Assessing the rate of organic matter accumulation in the sediment of Lake Kepwari and WO5H (pit lakes).
  4. Measuring the rate of sedimentation (and proportion of organic matter) in Lake Kepwari and WO5H
  5. An investigation into the depth distribution of macroinvertebrates in Collie pit lakes using litter traps.
  6. A study of the artificial lakes around ECU Joondalup campus – including the campus lake, Police Academy lake and Central Park lake.    Students examined:
  • nutrient release from the sediments under anoxia
  • biofilm development
  • water quality assessment
  • primary production