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The MiWER Centre welcomes prospective postgraduates to join us. We offer high quality and personalised supervision to ensure that your project is properly supported with funding and equipment. As an honours or postgraduate student you will be part of Edith Cowan University's, School of Science and will need to visit the University website to apply. To facilitate your application, you are advised to review the MiWER website and look at the sort of work we do, then contact us to discuss supervision. Success in your application is dependent on meeting the University entry requirements and ensuring that we have committed to provide supervision - so contact us first. Scholarships are available from the University, and any MiWER specific scholarships will be advertised nationally.

  • Honours - completed full time in 9 months.  Primarily aimed at students planning on going onto to a Ph.D.
  • Masters (by research) - completed fulltime in 2 years (also available part-time), involves some coursework, a major research project, and a written thesis.
  • Ph.D. - completed in 3 years (also available part-time), a major research project, and a written thesis

Postgraduate and Honours supervision is subject to availability. Please contact us for more information.