MiWER presents at the IMWA/ICARD joint conference in Sanitago, Chile

Mark Lund and Melanie Blanchette presented papers at the 2015 IMWA/ICARD joint conference in Santiago, Chile in April. The talks were respectively entitled:

Lund, Mark; McCullough, Clint (2015): Addition of Bulk Organic Matter to Acidic Pit Lakes May Facilitate Closure. – In: Agreeing on solutions for more sustainable mine water management

Macdonald, Karunia; Lund, Mark; Blanchette, Melanie (2015): Impacts of Artisanal Small-Scale Gold Mining on Water Quality of a Tropical River (Surow River, Ghana).

Copies of the papers can be downloaded from http://www.imwa.info/imwa-meetings/proceedings/293-proceedings-2015.html