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    River Ecology 

    Our current focus is on the impacts of mining on rivers, whether from large miners or artisanal miners. MiWER is currently focused on the ecology of the Collie River in south-west Australia, but its staff have worked in tropical rivers. read more

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    Books, chapters, journal articles, conference proceedings and articles. read more

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    MiWER has an international staff of researchers, interns, volunteers and postgraduates. read more

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    MiWER works closely with our industry, university and government partners and colleagues to deliver practical, applied and cutting edge research. read more

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    Wetland Ecology

    We conduct research into eutrophication of urban wetlands, stormwater drainage, constructed wetlands, impacts of acid sulphate soils and nuisance midges. read more

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    Mine Pit Lakes

    We conduct research into in situ bioremediation of acid mine drainage, the ecology of pit lakes, closure of pit lakes and biodiversity in pit lakes. read more

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    We have access to world-class dedicated research labs and use modern quality instrumentation. We have access to a modern analytical lab at the University to support our projects. A dedicated mesocosm facility allows for a range of experimentation. read more

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    We can provide great and unique experiences for student volunteers, interns and postgraduate students (MSc and Ph.D.). read more

About Us

The Mine Water and Environment Research (MiWER) Centre is a research centre based at Edith Cowan University and forms part of the Centre for Ecosystem Management (Joondalup Campus) in Western Australia. MiWER is an international team of highly qualified professional scientists with skills in ecology, environmental chemistry, microbial ecology, and sustainability: all with an interest in mine water
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Featured Project

Retrieving litter bags from Lake Kepwari, in a study of leaf breakdown rates in pit lakes. Part of our recently completed ACARP project 'Enhancing ecological values of coal pit lakes with simple nutrient additions and bankside vegetation' view more

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Measure of Success
  • Blanchette, M.L. (2016) The measure of success. Science 353 (6294), 94 link
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