MiWER is based at Edith Cowan University in modern facilities.

Research Labs

Located in two modern custom built research laboratories, one dedicated to chemistry/ecology and the second is a national quarantine approved facility for mainly microbiology, MiWER is well equipped for a broad range of research activities, including:

    • DNA extraction
    • Water Chemistry
  • Aquatic Monitoring
  • Macroinvertebrate sorting and identification
  • Microcosm experiments
  • Aquarium experiments Outdoor mesocosm facility

    • We have access to a dedicated 12 tanks (1200 L capacity each) in a secure outdoor facility that can be used for a range of mesocosm scale experiments.

MiWER is experienced in conducting research at difficult sites, including DNA extraction in the goldfields of Ghana, river sampling in Ghana, sampling in the outback areas of northern Australia, working at operational mine sites (including running on-site experiments (field and experimental scale), use of SCUBA and boat handling.

Quality gear

  • 100 m depth rated Hydrolab 5S
  • Li-Cor light meters
  • Marsh-McBirney flow meter
  • 6 Benthic chambers and loggers
  • Glovebox for anaerobic work
  • ISCO autosamplers, with bubble flow units
  • Ponar sediment sampler
  • 2 Quanta multimeters

Vehicles and boats

MiWER has access to a range of boats and 4WD vehicles to support research programs.

School of Science

As part of the School of Science, Centre for Ecosystem Management and Edith Cowan University, MiWER can access a range of additional resources to support research. All staff and students are provided with comfortable offices, with modern computers and workspaces.

Science Analytical Facility

The School has an analytical laboratory with a trained analyst to support research activities. Analytical equipment includes:

Lachat Autoanalyser for nutrients Total carbon analyser N and C mass spectrometer – Isotope work ICPs for low and high metal concentrations Isotopic analysis of H and O