Wetland Ecology

The Swan Coastal Plain runs along the coast from north of Perth (Western Australia) to Bunbury. The Plain is a series of sand dunes laid down during the last ice age bounded by the Darling Scarp to the east. There is an unconfined groundwater aquifer that underlies much of the Plain and this becomes exposed at the surface at low points in the landscape (ie. between the dunes) resulting in shallow mainly seasonal wetlands. These seasonal groundwater-dependent wetlands located in Perth’s Meditteranean climate have been a focus of MiWER research for the last 20 years, a particular focus has been on the urban wetlands of Perth.

Projects covering the history of Perth wetlands

Projects focussed on rehabilitation:

Projects involving nutrient and metal budgets

Projects on midges (Chironomidae – non-biting midges)

Projects on mosquitoes

Projects on artificial wetlands

Projects on wetland ecology

Projects on stormwater drains